3 Tips for Developing a Healthier Body Image

3 Tips for Developing a Healthier Body Image

Here are three tips for creating a healthier body image:

1: Create your identity based on inner strength and not outward appearance. Most people put a lot of emphasis on looks instead of what is inside. Taking time to focus on all of our amazing inner qualities helps to build a healthier view of our bodies because we aren’t constantly focusing on the “outside” as a sole indicator of our value. When we start to tune into our inner image we begin to see the totality of who we are and all that we have to offer, which is far beyond our mere outward appearance. 

2: Take a media break. I know, I know, how can we do this right? Take a break from our phones, laptops, and magazines? No way! Being constantly bombarded with pictures of celebrities and models creates an unhealthy ideal that the majority of us cannot attain. Taking a break, even once in a while, helps us to focus on being healthy rather than looking a certain way.

3: Have an affirmative conversation with yourself. Most people don’t even realize the amount of negative things they say to themselves throughout the day. “Why can’t I be thin like so and so, why can’t I have hair like that, why can’t I lose weight”.  The problem with negative self talk is that it brings our self-image down instead of lifting it up. If we take time to say one nice thing about ourselves everyday, we’d notice that we would start to feel better about ourselves. When you hear that negative conversation starting in your head, try stopping and finding something really nice to say about yourself. See if something positive doesn’t shift inside.

Creating a healthy body image takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight. The beauty of all of us is that we are different, amazing, beautiful and handsome all on our own! We don’t need to look like or be like anyone but ourselves. The more we try to just be who we are, the happier and more fulfilled we will become. 

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