5 Myths About Depression

5 Myths About Depression

1. DEPRESSION ISN’T A REAL ILLNESS. It is just as real as physical illnesses. Depression is a real health problem that requires effective treatment, which can include psychotherapy and/or medication.

2. PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS ARE VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS. The fact is, people who struggle with mental illness are more likely to be victims of violence rather than be violent themselves.

3. PEOPLE CAN’T RECOVER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS. Actually people can recover if they receive proper treatment and get sufficient support. People with depression can learn how to manage their symptoms and lead productive, engaged lives. Many work full time, volunteer and provide support for others who struggle because they are able to identify with their emotional needs.

4. YOU CAN’T HAVE FUN AND ENJOY ANY OF LIFE IF YOU HAVE DEPRESSION. Not so! People with depression can still experience great joy and laughter.  

5. KIDS CAN’T HAVE DEPRESSION, IT IS FOR OLDER PEOPLE. Young children can experience depression and other mental illnesses just as they can experience physical illnesses.

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