Do I have PTSD?

Do I have PTSD?

Do You Have PTSD?

If you witnessed or experienced an intense traumatic experience such as an assault, natural disaster, combat, or a car accident, you may be at risk of developing PTSD. It is important to recognize early and address PTSD symptoms, so you can come to terms with a traumatic experience and start the healing process.

How to Recognize PTSD?

The most common symptoms of PTSD include anxiety and depression. However, they are by no means the whole picture. Along with anxiety and depression, you may be re-experiencing the trauma through flashbacks and nightmares, have difficulty sleeping and concentrating, experience impulsive or self-destructive behavior, and be easily irritated.

Nevertheless, sometimes the signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can be subtle and hard to recognize. This can lead to being incorrectly diagnosed and not receiving the appropriate treatment while experiencing symptoms you don’t understand and suffering alone.

Emotional Withdrawal and Social Anxiety as Less Obvious PTSD Symptoms

Your fear of coming in contact with anything that will remind you of a trauma may result in difficulties communicating and interacting with people. Feelings of detachment from others, social withdrawal, and isolation may also be a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Other atypical signs of PTSD may include drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, rapid weight loss or gain, and severe migraines.

These symptoms don’t have to occur right after you survived the trauma. Sometimes, people develop PTSD symptoms weeks or even months after a traumatic experience.

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