4 Lifestyle Changes to Help Reduce Depression

4 Lifestyle Changes to Help Reduce Depression

1. Exercise:

Exercise holds great importance in reducing symptoms of depression. Through exercise, the brain is signaled to release endorphins which are in turn the body’s natural painkillers. These feel good chemicals can help enhance your mood. In addition, exercise also helps the cardiovascular system, which plays an important role in getting a good night’s sleep. 

2. Eat Healthy:

One common side effect of depression is changes in appetite. People with depression might experience loss of appetite or increased hunger. Regardless of which form of appetite change you are experiencing, it is important to not sacrifice a proper diet! Since the food we eat is fuel for our emotional and physical wellbeing, eating healthy can help to manage and/or lessen depression symptoms.

3. Expose yourself to a Little Sunlight and/or fresh air:

Even 20 minutes of exposure to the sun daily can be enough to reduce feelings of depression. If the sun is not shining or there is no sunlight at all to enjoy, then walking for a little while outdoors is also a great alternative. 

4. Open Up:

Just talking to other people and letting out what you want to let out can be a great option in managing depression. It is important to not let things build up inside you and instead let a few words out every now and then. You can try opening up more with loved ones in your life and/or setting up a consistent time to speak with a mental health profession. 

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