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"We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can't have both. Not at the same time.” — Brene Brown


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders and Body Image
  • Self Esteem
  • Trauma
  • Coping Skills
  • Stress
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Peer Relationships
  • Mood Disorders
  • Fluent in Arabic

Get to Know Ranya

Therapist | MHC

My approach to therapy is to treat the individual rather than the “illness”. Each person has their own unique world experience and I believe that the client is the expert on their own life. I value the wisdom each client holds within themselves and utilize their qualities to help strengthen their inherent resiliency. Through a creative, collaborative, and authentic relationship, I provide tools to promote personal growth and to help cope with the stressors that may get in the way of clients living a fuller, healthier life.

By fostering a safe, supportive space where healing and hope can occur, I encourage clients to lean into their discomfort to discover that through courage, comes choice. While you may feel powerless in the struggles you are currently facing, you can learn how to take that power back. After all, therapy is not for people who can’t help themselves; therapy is for people who want to help themselves.

Together, our journey will be a transformative experience that will lead you from a place of self-doubt, self-criticism, and self-sabotage to self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

My Professional Background

I’m a Mental Health Counselor who specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. I also have experience working with issues related to work, school, body image, self-esteem, and relationships. I have always been completely captivated by the inner workings of the human mind and behavior. What makes us who we are? Why do we do the things we do? How do our relationships with ourselves and others impact our lives? In pursuit of my passion to learn more, I have sought a great deal of academic, personal, and professional experience to shape my role as a clinical therapist.

By completing both a masters in psychology and a masters in mental health counseling, my dual degrees have equipped me with extensive training in both the philosophy and practice of psychotherapy. I believe in helping clients shape their lives in accordance with their values and to identify what can help their potential and eliminate what is harmful in their pursuit.

Education, Training, and Certifications

  • BA in Applied Psychology, Pace University
  • MS in Psychology, Pace University
  • MA in Mental Health Counseling, Pace University
  • Child Abuse
  • Mandated Reporter
  • Trauma & Eating Disorders
  • Unified Protocol

Fun Facts

In my spare time, I love spending time with my loved ones, enjoy endless city strolls, and watching way too many episodes of a new show in one sitting.

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